On we offer the following payment methods.

  • Bank transfer or deposit. This payment method is only accepted for transfers made from a bank which is located in a European Union country. By paying with this method, you make the payment in advance, either by transferring the order amount from your bank or by making a deposit in person at one of our banks. This payment method does not include commissions and may sometimes be subject to discounts. Note that orders paid by transfer are saved for 4 working days until payment is received, excluding weekends, starting from the day the order was made. If the payment is not received within this period, the order will be automatically cancelled.
  • Credit card. This payment method is immediate, completely secure and verified by VISA. All payments made via this method will be validated by your bank and if they are approved, they will be transferred to us automatically and instantly. You must have a security code in order to make this type of payment online. The security system that we use is 3D secure.